My name is Vinnie Stergin, I'm a musician, artist & educator with 20 years of teaching experience. I grew up in the Austrian mountains, where my parents kicked me down a ski slope when I was 3 years old - that’s when I had to learn to stay on track.

After completing my Bachelors in music education at the world famous Mozarteum Salzburg I moved to LA where I worked for a peace NGO. Then I came to London to do my Masters in composition at Trinity College of Music.

Over the years I taught, coached & inspired hundreds of students from all walks of life to explore their creativity and experience the transformative power of music. The last 5 years I also worked in a prison in SE London teaching music to young offenders.

I won some prestigious awards, wrote many compositions for eg. Tokyo Olympia 2020, was signed to indie and major labels, my work has been supported by corporate world giants such as Red Bull & Polaroid & also recognised by the Arts Council UK & Help Musicians UK (Do It Differently Award 2018). As artist Stergin I love to do multi-arts work such as my ‘12 Photos 12 Tracks’ project where I sent a camera around the world and each person had just a single chance of taking a photo. My band and I then turned that into an album, a live show and a touring exhibition.

Through my own mental health journey and discovering mindfulness & meditation I developed a very unique way of teaching which ultimately formed ‘The Mindful Ukulele Method’. I love to experiment, explore and I’m a constant work in progress. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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